Research Development

Research Development (RD) works with researchers from all disciplines and departments across campus to strategically support the research priorities of the University of Arkansas, bringing together strong research teams and improving the overall competitiveness of research proposals. Specifically, RD offers support for large, complex proposals – this could be a $100,000 NEH proposal, a $1.5M NIH proposal, or a $20M DoD proposal. We reduce the administrative burden associated with proposal submission so your team can focus on perfecting your proposed research scope, goals, and narrative content.

Plan Your Research Goals

Identify and meet your research goals at any stage of the proposal development process.

Find Funding

Discover funding opportunities to support your research project.

Build Your Research Team

Evaluate your current team needs and find potential collaborators.

Project Management Support

Lead your team to achieve its proposal project goals.

Proposal Development and Review

Get help with developing and reviewing your proposal documents.

Schedule a Strategy Meeting

If you need help building a research team, searching for funding, or need guidance on any other aspect of the Research Development process please reach out to us to schedule a strategy meeting. Have a general Research Advancement question? Contact us!

Need Help?

If you need help at any time in this process reach we are here to support you. Contact us!