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Industry Research Partnerships provides guidance and support on all industry-sponsored or industry-inspired research efforts,including industry-sponsored research proposals, federal proposals with industry collaborators, and industry-inspired research projects (i.e., senior capstone projects). We can facilitate discussions and serve as liaison between the University and the company from the early conversations about the project, during the contract negotiation phase, andthroughout the entire project period of performance. Our aim is to alleviate some of the administrative burden and ensure that your intellectual property and research goals are protected while maintaining positive relationships with our industry collaborators.

Plan Your Industry Research Goals

Identify and meet your research goals at any stage of the proposal development process.

Find Internal Funding

Discover internal seed funding opportunities to support your research project.

Project Management Support

Lead your team to achieve its proposal project goals.

Develop Industry Proposal Documents

Find industry-specific proposal templates to guide you as you develop your proposal.

Contract Negotiation and Review

Get help with developing and reviewing your proposal documents.

Schedule a Strategy Meeting

If you need help building a research team, searching for funding, or need guidance on any other aspect of the Industry Research Partnerships process please reach out to us to schedule a strategy meeting. Have a general Industry Research Partnerships question? Contact us!

Need Help?

If you need help at any time in this process reach we are here to support you. Contact us!